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Operation Kentucky

On December 10, 2021, a violent, long-tracked tornado moved across Western Kentucky, producing severe to catastrophic damage in numerous towns, including Mayfield, Benton, Dawson Springs, and Bremen. CEO Jeremy Conn took matter in his own hands and started asking for donations of any kinds to prepare for his travels down to help in the state of Kentucky. Conn considers his company a ministry. When he learned of all the damage that took place in Kentucky he simply prayed to be used by the lord. Jeremy Conn partnered with a Edmond Company, Hail Trace, and their CEO Derick Kline. Kline started a GoFundme page. Over 50,000 people supported Klines project. Later in the week, Four truck and trailers met up with Jeremy Conn here in Verdigris, Oklahoma, and then traveled to Princeton, Kentucky. When the team arrived in Kentucky, they met up with Pastor John Higgins of Calvary Baptist Church. For the next 4 days, they surveyed the areas and spoke with survivors in Dawson Springs. During those 4 days, they also distributed food, bibles, gift cards, and cash money. Conn was able to lead a resident to Christ at her front door. The Vision of C and C is Repairing Homes, Restoring Hope and Changing lives. 


"Regardless of the distance of the company, C and C stands for the grace and mercy of God. The Gold in our Company logo are all of C and C Roofing and Home Repairs executives and subcontractors that feel and know we are all appointed by Jesus Christ to "Extend Our Hands" to his people." - CEO Jeremy Conn                                   

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